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This web site explains the Book of Revelation, each individual scripture.

Begin by reading the Introduction first. It will prepare you for the rest of the material contained here. Then go into each of the twenty two chapters of the Book of Revelation one by one. Each page of scripture is from the King James Bible, and is immediately followed by the meaning of that scripture. Electronic links applying to subject matter contained in the meanings, may be inserted that directs to additional information regarding the subject being discussed. Subjects such as: the Rapture, Red Heifer,  Signs of the Times, How do I become a Christian and others. There are at least 57 additional specific items of interest. Example:  Individual Subjects

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Much time has been devoted to the gathering of the enclosed information. I am but a simple lay person with a deep desire to educate those who are honestly seeking the truth. I do this to be faithful to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ as He told us in Matthew 28 v.19 to go out and teach all nations (In case you don't already know, the nations mean the people - everyone). He is telling us that we are to proclaim His gospel to not only our friends and neighbors, but also to those throughout the entire world. What greater a place to do that than on the world wide web that can be seen and read by people virtually everywhere. 

Those seeking the truth will find God's written Word, the Bible, to be the final authority, in all that they seek. As for Salvation issues, there should be no conflicting views contained here. There will be differences of  opinion about exactly what and the timing of events that take place in the Book of Revelation. Those events are subject to interpretation but they are not a salvation issue. Some will interpret the how,  what, and even the timing in the book of Revelation differently depending on their method of interpretation. Christians should be able to discuss those differences without fighting over their meanings. But when it comes to salvation issues, there should be NO differences of opinion. 

Scriptures are shown to give support for many explanations you'll read.  Individual subjects  become easier to understand and believe as you research supporting scriptures.

Please pass this web site address to a friend, relative, or acquaintance to whom you think may be interested. In the event you find spelling errors,  please send an email message to the webmaster indicating where you found the error and what that error is. 

I will do my best to answer any questions as time permits. Thank you for your interest and may God Bless you as you read the Bible and learn His written Word.

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