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FOR THE KJV BIBLE GO TO: (or select your version)
At the top left of the page, select the book you want to see in the drop down box. In the next dropdown, select the chapter and wait for it to come up, then click it again and select the verse you want. You can also select the bible translations you want. Set to "Parallel" at the top, to see about 20 bible interpretations of each verse you select. Or select comments (at the top), to see 7 to 10 free commentaries on the verse you select.
Search any scripture in the bible and even find "cross references". Also over 10 free commentaries such as Matthew Herry's commentary on the Whole Bible you can search (every scripture in the bible is on there).

BOOKS - Recommended Reading:
Are we living in the End Times by Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins - Tyndale House Publishers
Revelation Unveiled by Tim LaHaye - Zondervan
Planet Earth the Final Chapter by Hal Lindsey - Western Front Ltd.
Apocalypse Code by Hal Lindsey - Wester Front Ltd.
How Close Are We? by Dave Hunt - Harvest House Publishers

MacArthur New Testament Commentary - Revelation 1-11 and 12-22 (2 books) - Moody Press / Chicago

The above books cover interpretations of the Book of Revelation.

THE LEFT BEHIND SERIES OF BOOKS - by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins - Available at most Wal-Mart Stores and

These books are fictional but very close to the actual interpretation of the book of Revelation in story form.

LINKS - For News Links 
Hal Lindsey's Web Site. There are many links in blue area on left.
Click on "Prophecy News Links" in the blue area. Then click on "List by Date". 
A unique web site located in Jerusalem, Israel with some very interesting news articles not found in the U.S.
Lots of current international news stories here. 
Fox News Network.
Many end time links - a very informative and interesting site. Lots of neat things on this site, check it out.

LINKS - And Other Interesting Links 
This is Tim LaHaye's web site.  Audio Bible passages read to you on-line. Large type for the seeing impaired. Dictionaries, comparisons, music, the Apostles and Nicene creed on line and much more.

New Testament PDF Downloads All books of the New Testament. These Include questions.

Revelations PDF Downloads Newest Layout with chapters and sections complete with questions.

Old Testament PDF Downloads All books of the Old Testament. These will Include questions. This will be on-going until completed.

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