Old Testament PDF's

Please note a few rules before proceeding. Under no circumstances should any of the attached be used for commercial uses. These are strictly done for those who desire to use for personal use, witnessing, or teaching purposes such as a bible study group or a Sunday School class. None of this was done for the purpose of selling to others or in any way to make money from others. This work has been done strictly for "whosoever will", that want to learn more about God's Holy Word from an Evangelical standpoint. You will notice that these are done in an expository, scripture by scripture, explanation of every book and verse of the bible.

I will be 78 years old in May of 2017, and I will continue to work and update the rest of the bible (Old Testament), and provide PDF's of those as long as I am able. It is currently the beginning of February and I figure it will take at least until October of this year to complete the program for all Old Testament chapters/sections. I wanted this work to be completed and far outlive me as to the reason I am doing this project. We, who are still on earth waiting for the return of our Savior to take us home, must do this type of work. So, that when all the Christians are raptured, much information will be left for those who must deal with the judgment that is coming in the Tribulation. This is my contribution in providing some of that knowledge for those presently living now and those who will be left behind when Tribulation starts.

Until then, please abide by the rules noted above and "Go and Tell everyone you see, know and love. Time is very short!

For PDF's, select from the following books you want to read by clicking on that book.

You will be able to select the chapter or section you want from that page.

Note: Books below are in order as they appear in the Old Testament

Book of Genesis

Book of Exodus

Book of Leviticus

Book of Numbers

Book of Deuteronomy

Book of Joshua

 Book of Judges

Book of Ruth

 Book of 1 Samuel

Book of 2 Samuel

Book of 1 Kings

Book of 2 Kings

Book of 1 Chronicles

Book of 2 Chronicles

Book of Ezra

Book of Nehemiah

Book of Esther

Book of Job

Book of Psalms - 1 to 24

 Book of Psalms - 25 to 49

Book of Psalms - 50 to 75

Book of Psalms - 76 to 99

Book of Psalms - 100-118

Book of Psalms - 119-125

 Book of Psalms - 126-139

Book of Psalms - 140-150

Book of Proverbs

Book of Ecclesiastes

Book of Song Of Solomon

Book of Isaiah

Book of Jeremiah

Book of Lamentations

Book of Ezekiel

Book of Daniel

Book of Hosea

Book of Joel

Book of Amos

Book of Obadiah

Book of Jonah

Book of Micah

Book of Nahum

Book of Habakkuk

Book of Zephaniah

Book of Haggai

Book of Zechariah

Book of Malachi

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