News Updates


As of today, I am still awaiting my agent’s response as to the app for iPhone. After some 3 weeks I have found that he is in the hospital. I am not sure why he was admitted, but Covid-19 could be the reason.

As many of you have signed up for our mailings from Mailchimp, I hope to have the first mailing done towards the end of this month. There will be a lot of new items I want to work on which will benefit a lot of people. Especially those who would like to have a way to download our entire site all at once. Also, to have audible files. As many of you know we already have these sites available in approximately 120 languages at the click of one button online currently.

If you are not on our Mailchimp’s mailing list, please send me your name and email and I will make sure it is put on the list myself. If you are online and get a popup, you can do it yourself.


At this point, we find that the apps which should have been up and running for the iPhone has hit a snag. Seems they were working for a little while but suddenly disappeared offline. When I inquired about this with the agent who was doing my work, I was told that there were too many changes taking place and that this was against their new company rules. Seems many in the past would set up companies, get a lot of sales, then suddenly close their business and disappear.

I informed my agent that most of the changes as to the actual coding of the online files were finished and changes from here on out would be for such things as changing misspelled words, punctuation, etc., only. He was supposed to contact the app people and see if we could try again. I am waiting for my agent’s response.


This has been an exceedingly difficult time due to circumstances beyond our control. What should have been a quick change-over of our 2 sites from a html language to WordPress, turned into a real nightmare due to the Covid-19 situation and the government’s problems. What should have taken only a short time, has literally taken months.

Combine that with a new Website:, and sicknesses causing time delays and, in some cases, lost workers. At last, we are in fairly good shape, and are able to say that the site is up and running where you can download PDFs of every scripture in the bible.