News Updates


The coding that was appearing on practically every one of our web pages is now officially gone (or should be). If anyone happens to see any coding appearing on any online file, please let me know by sending me an email along with the URL that the coding is on. I will immediately remove it by changing to our new programming recently acquired.

Plus solid black type has replaced the majority of the copy which was previously a bluish color. In addition, the copy has been indented so it will not be hard to see the beginning of some of the copy (including both the scripture and the questions), especially on some of the equipment that our readers currently use to view our websites online.

As for the future, we are still determining what and how we’re are going to make changes to our 3 websites. I will put more news here when it is determined. Thank you for your patience.


I have discovered the problem for several things on our websites. One is the coding that is appearing on all three websites is a problem I’m fixing currently. It won’t come back as the updating of a new program making these changes will ensure that.

Secondary, all of the copy is now in black instead of the bluish type as previous making for easier reading. In addition, the left margin for all scriptures/explanations and questions is being addressed and every one of the 1630 chapters is now being fixed. You may expect this to be finished in approximately 2 weeks.

This is being done as a prelude to figuring out how to update the 3 sites, making it easier for all to enjoy the experience you will receive by coming to our site/s. We are not for absolute certainty that everything will be brought into one site yet or not. But rest assured we are doing what we can to make it a site or sites that you will certainly enjoy. Especially with some of the new things we are looking at adding.


As many of you have noticed, we are having problems with coding appearing on just about all pages of our 3 websites (, and We are in the process of figuring out what is causing this problem and will try and get this fixed as quickly as possible. At this time this does not affect any copy that is online.

In the meantime, everything is running normally as PDF’s can be downloaded, questions being sent to us are being answered, and all other functions seem to be working as they should.

The intended merger of all 3 websites into one will be postponed at this time. We are in the process of contacting a Freelancer to assist us with the problems we’re having, which due to the thousands of pages involved, could take a few months to fix.